Lots of guides out there say really generic things about making coins in fifa 15. However, this guide will talk in detail about buying a specific player and making a lot of coins from little effort. The guides are often filled with ads all about buying coins, and we believe that doing this is ruining the fun of playing the game correctly.

Our making coins guides for Ultimate team on this site will discuss individual methods for obtaining coins and evaluating them to ensure that we deliver the best information for you to utilise in your game.

We will never try and sell coins to you or advertise the services of coin sellers on this website.


Now lets talk about the One Player Strategy and how to utilise this method in order to make the most coins from just using this technique.

Why a one player strategy?
With one player, you can buy a transfer list full of these and make coins by simply dominating this really specific player market and making the most of people who may not know his actual real market value.
You are limited by the limit of the transfer list, which can be expanded with upgrades.

Who should I select?
You can do this with any player, but specifically you want to do it with someone who might be popular and be in demand. Demand for players can change throughout the year, if a player plays well or makes the news then people might be more inclined to search and buy that player.


Demand for players can take a turn with the news. If the player moves to another club, be sure to find demand for that player and the prices reflecting this


How do I make coins from one player?
Mass bidding. then Mass listing
Find out what he might go for by looking on futhead or other website that shows average price.

You need to add 5% to the price you purchased for, then add around 20% for what you would like to sell them for.

With the mass listing method, it is possible to earn 100% more than what you buy them for, and i have myself bought players and sold them for 300% more. But obviously this is not always possible and the whole element of luck comes into play here.

You need to provide enough listings at the right times in order to ensure you get the most reward for the least amount of time. During the week at off-peak times it might be easier to get 20% profit on each player, but at the weekends you could add 50%.
Experiment and see how things go, adding or decreasing the price.

So you buy the player in as low as you can as many times as you can, then sell them for more. But you need to list them all at the same time for the higher price. Why? Because you are targetting the people who are not searching by price or trying to find ‘the best’ deal. The people who are just trying to put a squad together quickly without focusing too much on getting the right price. Maybe your version of the player has 20 contracts, so he might be more valuable than another version of the player who has just 7.

The other important thing to know, as because they are all together in the listings, then as a user is browsing through, they see the same price range on all of your listings. So it is a sign for that person that this is indeed the market value giving them confirmation that they are getting a player for the right value.

With this strategy you should be able to make a fair amount of coins.

You must remember that most of the players out there that are playing Ultimate Team, are not making use of FUTHead or assessing the players actual value from historical reports or looking to create their team on a strict budget. The casual players out there are actually just trying to play as many games as possible and they will look to the transfer market and make a purchase very quickly, often looking at the first or second player before making the decision to buy.

By using this technique in the way we have mentioned you are taking advantage of the casual players who will not check the prices before making their purchase.


This price range is a good basis to start with a player. Dont get too greedy or it could take you a long time to sell them all

It is important to find the right price. If you are looking for a quick buck, then selling them at 1100 would be a good idea. Put them all on 1100 start with 1200 buy it now.

Or with a weekend you might be temped to push for more. But have to buy higher in order to obtain these.

This method would work for anyone that has a fairly consistant demand. In this example, there is always demand for a decent defender in the Premier League. This guy is also a bit of a legend, and is a ‘rare’ card. He will always sell for more than 650 no matter what.

You can take your mass Bidding buying rate down to 650, but you will probably only pick up about 1 in 10 purchase attempts, which takes more time.

The main goal is to always reduce the time taken to get from A to B. The point A, being buying for x amount. then point B being selling for x + y amount. Finding the best values for x and y is your goal, and this image above is probably a decent guess for this player.

What Next?

Your next advancement is to upgrade the player you are listing. I started with Vlaar of Aston Villa, then moved to Wilfried Bony, then I moved to Gerrard.

As you rise your bank balance, you can afford 40 times of a higher rated player. Going for highly saught after players like Lukaku, or players with pace isn’t a bad idea, but there are lots of people who might have the same idea. Try and find your nieche, choosing a CD might be more profitable because there is less competition because everyone is trying to trade with strikers.

Also a DC is someone you might not care so much about in your team as much as a Striker, so going for these might be a better idea.

As you get more and more value, and as you play matches you will earn lots of coins. Use these and invest in a player that is highly sought after.

Should I buy coins?

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to buy coins with real money, as you will probably get banned and it is much more fun trading for coins. It may take time, but hey that’s why we play games, because they are fun and they entertain us for a period of time.

Dont let long term goals become your goal in the short term. It is much more fun to achieve a full squad by understanding and playing the game and the economy the right way.