Here are some quick pointers that should help with your general defending gameplay when playing Fifa.

In real life, do you see players pressing high up the pitch, and diving in left right and centre? Nope, me neither. Fifa is based on real life and the game will reward you if you play strategically and patiently.

Keeping space in your final third to a minimum, you should always try and send your opponent down the wing, limiting their options in the final third of the pitch.

You cant just rely on Auto Tackling to reduce the threat of the opponent. If you dont put enough pressure on your opponent in the right places then you will open your team up to a killer pass. You need to make sure you have time to make the challenge, not just spamming the tackle button in order to hope you get it right. You are relying on your ability to anticipate your opponents moves and if you follow the rules above where you reduce space in your final third, it makes it much easier to predict/anticipate their move and make the tackle.

Concentrate on not just the player in possession but the passing option the player has. Do you think a pass is likely to happen at a particular moment? Thats a sign that you are antipating your opponents move, which is great!

When you are playing with low risk, you should have lots of players behind the ball, this means that the opponent options are limited, and they will have to try some risky passes to get through your defensive lines. Now there is probably not going to be more than 1 or 2 passes on at anyone time that will hurt you. Make use of the closing down button of RB, and use LT to move your active player into positions that stop the opponent making a key pass. Intercept with your selected player, close down with your unselected player. You should be more aggressive when closing down on the wings if opponent has limited options.

Your opponent may decide to make use of the one-two. A quick way to avoid this, is to anticipate as early as possible to give you as much time available to react. Grab a close by defender or ideally your DM and follow the runner and try to stay goal side. This way any through pass will have to go through your 2 DC’s and somehow past the DM you just brought back. However, make sure if moving your DM that you are aware of the new space that is available.

Try playing with a formation that has a single central DM. I tried playing with last years 4-2-3-1 (This years 4-5-1) thinking that 2 DM’s would help. It did not. The 2 DM’s often stay far apart from each other which leads to a big gap in the middle of the park. I usually play the 4-3-3 or the 4-1-2-1-2(2) version (My favorite). Now, and this is very important, go to team management > Instructions and select your DM. Change his “Attacking support” stat to “Always stay back while attacking”. I found a massive difference when I did this. Let me know how it works for you.

The best defense is a good offense. If you have the ball the opponent cant tackle you, which is great news. You should really to get the most consistant success, make use of a possession based game. However, if you are trying to keep possession your opponent may start closing you down hard high up the pitch, which can lead to costly errors.

To avoid getting destroyed on the counter if the oppposition intend to play high aggressive football play defensive. This will immediately drop your backline further towards your goalkeeper, and allow you to play a more direct game. A direct game is getting the ball to the front line quickly. From the front line you can cause a lot of problems for your opponent and utilise the space behind their backline.

Ultimately practice will be the main contributor to your success online. Read these articles on the site, then practice what you have learned from the theory posted here in the training grounds. Only then will you be able to master the game in the way you wish.

check out this video from Ovvy who puts these methods into practice.