Using Fake Shots or their variations are about creating space.

Fake Shots (X+A or B+A)

To perform the fake shot you need to do both of these buttons in quick succession. Brushing your thumb from X to A is my preferred way to use the fake shot rather than B to A.

The great thing about fake shots, is that any player can do these. By using these in the right situation you can turn a poor chance into a more clear cut chance. However it does take a certain amount of practice to be able to pull them off successfully and you may struggle in the first instance. Keep practising and read the guide you will make better chances for yourself.

There are specific situations that will happen a lot of the time, but each one will vary as there are so many different variables at play.

In the event where you feel that a player is about to make a last ditch tackle, then you can use the fake shot to make the defender make his challenge. This move is best used when you are pursuing a through pass from a deeper position with a defender catching you up from behind. Using this skill move and practising can ensure you can retain possession of the ball and make a better chance for yourself.

Cutting inside after taking a fake shot is always a more desirable option, especially if there is space to be utilised there. Generally the defender, if they are good players will be trying to force you down the wing, but if you are able to cut inside they may not be prepared or would have left space in the centre of the pitch.

Stop play with LB
Another useful skill move that you can use by putting your foot on the ball with LB.

Using this skill is basically just hitting lb whilst jogging with the ball. It means that you stop in your tracks suddenly and the approaching defenders will not be expecting it allowing you to control the play. Use it if the defenders are coming from the side or at any angle other than behind you.
This will enable supporting players to catch up with the play and also create space for you to further utilise with your player if it is available.

If your opponent is continuously anticipating you then they will dominate the game. If you are able to be unpredictable then you should have a better chance of winning because you will find you have a better control of the game.

Combine both techniques
It is all situation dependant and you may want to simply practice using both of these skills seperately before you start combining them. Practice in the arena first, then practice in a game with differing difficulty levels. It is also important to practice against human players. So play friendlies against friends and use the players that you will commonly use in your team so you get used to how they feel.

In any situation, you need to be able to quickly assess how good of a chance you have created and decide whether to roll the dice and utilise the fake shot/stop play skills in order to create a better chance for yourself.

Utilising the fake shot technique or the stop play technique is another tool for you to use at times where you think it could be made use of. However be aware that your decisions will ultimately determine how good of a player you are rather than your technique.

You can for example, take an early shot if two players are rushing you, but if you feel confident, or you can see some space to make use of by stopping play and cutting inside then you may choose to take that opportunity to make yourself a better chance of a goal.

Generally speaking if you have two defenders at you, one will always be their active player, and the second will just be the pressure player. So one of these players is fairly reactive to whatever you do, while the other one may be a bit more human like to beat.

Each player is better at certain situations, the pressure player is less likely to dive in, but the human controlled player is easier to beat by changing direction.

Only practising constantly will enable you to be better in each given situation, learning from your mistakes gradually.

Try and anticipate whether the player can or cannot make a challenge on you as you take the shot. You need to put yourself in a position where the defender has little chance of blocking the shot, so utilise the fake shot, turn the other way and try to commit one of the defenders to the ground. This will open up more space for you to take a shot, maybe on your weaker foot but probably closer to the goal.

In other situations, you may over-estimate your player and he may not have anticipated your move and because he hasnt you end up running straight into him because he made the wrong decision intially.

Dont over estimate your opponent and try and get a feel for your opponent before gambling with fake shots. See how they commit players, and try it down the wings to have less chance of getting it wrong and turning over posesseion in more dangerous areas in the early stages of the game.

So read the game by anticipating play and make decisions quickly to make better chances for yourself.