To follow this tutorial and other tutorials we have about defending it is important that you make use of the controls that we use in Fifa

The controls we use means that we have better control over our back line and it means that you wont get confused with which player you have selected at any point in time.

It does mean however that you will need to get used to switching player manually, which to be honest, its easy to get used to and its benefits heavily out weigh its initial contrast in player selection.

To change your controls In the main menus Goto



then goto gameplay assistance

change the controller settings, Auto Switching change to Air Balls.


Then change Auto Switching Move Assistance to low.

This is basically player momentum when they receive the ball, meaning that when you are receiving a ball in the air that you are running onto the player will continue their run to allow you to not lose your speed and maintain your momentum.

However it does mean that your first touch is a bit delayed in terms of how quickly you can move once you receive the ball, and means that probably your larger strikers in particular who are not as agile might seem a bit sloppy when receiving the ball sometimes.

Changing this to low, means that you can still maintain your momentum when running onto things, but it means that you can be more agile in how you take that touch after that initial momentum.

This is really important for Defending as well as Attacking. The last thing you want to do is intercept a ball then run into a path of an attacker because of momentum.

Do not put it on none, it means that your player will stop when they receive the ball!


How to use these control methods to improve your Defending during Fifa Gameplay

You are going to be changing your method of player selection, so instead of changing your player with lb you will be manually selecting the player instead using the right analogue stick.

The problem with using LB to switch to the player you want is every time you press lb you are having to rely on the game to select the correct player for you. It is not always going to be correct, it may choose the wrong Centre Back, which could allow the opponent an extra second to wiggle their way through your defence. Your game will improve if you can use the right stick rather than LB.

You need to learn how to flick the right analogue stick to select your player. You move the analogue in the direction that the player you want to select is. It is really simple, but this fundamental change will take getting used to.

I would recommend playing against the CPU on professional difficulty as they are able to generate decent attacks if you are playing a bit awkwardly, and i find it a great help when trying a new kind of defending or trying anything a bit new that takes getting used to.

You will find in the long term, that you have much better control over all of your defenders by utilising the right stick select technique. It is what most of the best players use, and means that there is consistency with your selected player and no surprises or randomness in player selection that might cost you a goal.

In the example below you can see a situation that might develop in the way shown.
In green is the player who may play a pass into this location for the player running on. If he did do this it could cause all sorts of problems.


With selecting the player with LB, i am not sure who will get selected, it may be the other midfielder or dependant on what happened one second after it could be a different one alltogether.

At this moment in time, i want to anticipate the biggest threat, which is that particular pass. Remember that Aerial balls are selected as Auto, but everything else i need to manually change with R Analogue.

The player i choose to select is the one highlighted in blue, so i just flick the right analog to the left middle direction. I choose this guy because i can intercept the move and bring it to a halt immediately if the player insists on playing this pass, which i would have thought 2 out of 3 players might play.

If he does not select this pass, i can carry on pressing the player with RB with the one that is currently selected in this scene.

So i would choose this player and probably jocky this position for a fraction of a second, or a least be ready to do so if that pass left the other players feet. It is important not to act too early to avoid opening up space in behind this CB.